Founders On Education

Founder Principles On the Education of Our Youth
-from the Founding Principles of the Free Congregation of Sauk County. 1853.

Special importance is placed upon the education of our youth for mental and moral freedom, and for the development of their plastic young minds and their first, lasting impressions of all that is true, good, and beautiful. It is therefore the first duty of a teacher to diligently and consistently provide instruction to our young people in history and ethics, lead them to the acquisition of a self-reliant view of life in the family, the state, and among nations; strengthen their moral judgment and feeling; awaken their respect for and good will toward all human beings; imbue them with contempt for serfdom and love for freedom; and practice them in self-control. For this purpose it is the teacher’s duty to acquaint them with the development of mankind in all its ways and byways, its aberrations and adjustments of judgment, and to place before them as models the lives of noble and high-minded men and women from the history of pagans, Jews, and Christians,… [for] upon youth rest our hope, the self-government of the people, and the welfare of the citizen.

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