Upcoming Programs     —     Starting time is 10:10 a.m.

Jan. 27: 4th Sunday UU Program, Rob BrinkWhy Love Might Win Arguments.

Feb. 3: Spiritual Roundtable, Joel Garb, The Wisdom of Our Pets. 


Feb. 10: 2nd Sun UU Program Pema Antoniotti, Don’t Run with Scissors: Karma & It’s Functions


Feb. 17: Free Thought Forum Annette Kuhlmann, Witchcraft, Magic Spells, and Haunted Deja Vus


Feb. 24: 4th Sunday UU Program, Rob Brink, TBA.



If weather causes us to cancel, reschedule, or delay,

we will post the details on our public Facebook Events page.

Follow this link: Free Congregation Events 
Click the event and look for a comment with weather information. 
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