Free Congregation
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Free Thought in religion since 1852

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The Free Congregation was started in 1852 as the Freie Gemeinde (Free Community) by Germans who emigrated to the U.S. seeking to practice their beliefs, express their thoughts, and search for the truth free from interference by the government or church.  Park Hall has been the congregation’s home since 1884.

We promote ethical behavior and action, and in seeking ethical answers to life’s questions, we recognize the value of many religious and philosophical traditions without being tied to any particular religious dogma.  We support each individual’s personal search for truth and meaning and purpose in life.

We meet on Sunday mornings at 10:15 for a variety of services.  On the 1st Sunday of each month we have an open roundtable discussion of a topic chosen and presented by one of our members.  On 2nd and 4th Sundays we have a familiar order of service in the Unitarian-Universalist tradition.  On 3rd Sundays we invite a guest lecturer to make an extended presentation of a topic of social, cultural, historical, or philosophical interest.  Childcare is available during the services, and plans are under way for a Children’s Religious Education program to begin in January.


Welcome to the Congregation

We are a liberal religious community welcoming anyone of any background. Our community includes Buddhists and Christians, atheists, agnostics, theists, spiritual journeyers of all kinds, and many for whom a label is not relevant.

We gather to explore religion together and to support each individual’s personal search for meaning and truth. We engage religion through our reason, through our feelings and sentiments, through our knowledge of the world and humanity. We read poetry together, listen to music and sing together, discuss Sunday reflections with each other, hold meals together - all to build the bonds of love and community that cradle our mutual religious exploration.


A view of our main hall
from the library

Our building received this honor
in 2009

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