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Sunday Programs


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The Free Congregation will provide our Sunday programs online over the Zoom platform until we can meet again at Park Hall. The programs will be available to the public as a video or audio stream with a live speaker, music and discussion. There are ways for almost everyone to connect at no cost, using computer plus webcam, mobile tablet, smartphone, or landline phone. We are excited about this opportunity to keep our community vital during the Safer At Home Order.

Our Upcoming Sunday Programs

Our Upcoming Sunday Programs (start at 10:10 a.m.)





Nov 1

Spiritual Roundtable on Zoom

Bree & Susie

Remembrance of the Dead

Nov 8

Child Ed & UU Program on Zoom

Pema Antoniotti

Fail, Fail Again, Fail Better

Nov 15

Free Thought Forum on Zoom

Abigail Swetz

On Coming Out and Staying Alive

Nov 22

Child Ed & UU Program on Zoom

Robin Proud

Class in America

Nov 29

Fifth Sunday




This Sunday’s Roundtable topic will be 

Remembrance of the Dead.

Facilitators: Brianne Ravenwolf, Nick Schweitzer, Susie Tatone.

Spiritual Roundtables, held on the first Sunday each month, are organized to inspire mindfulness and to encourage open discussion. The topic could be religion, but the topic could also be anything towards which we feel some spiritual connection, such as nature or compassion. Some of our past topics have included integrity of our word, grief, freedom, sacred circles and gossip. After the topic has been introduced by one or more persons all are invited to participate in a roundtable format of sharing and discussion. 

Susie Tatone, chairs the Roundtable Programs Committee.

Our meeting is closed now.

Child ed programs start at 9:30 a.m.

Other Sunday programs start at 10:10 a.m.

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